Tips on Railroad Sharp Hook Nose Hit and the Leaves in the Bowling Game

Here are more on the different aspects of the games. Here you will find on how to roll the ball and pockets points. You can apply different styles to play your shots but skill, not luck, usually is the dominant factor in a successful completion.

THE RAILROAD It's no fun to be confronted with a railroad, but it's a pleasure to convert one. The 5-7 leave usually is caused by a ball coming into the 1-3 pockets but failing to carry the 5-pin because the deflection is so great that the ball does not hit it. Move slightly to the left of the center of the approach and direct the ball toward the right side of the 5-pin, so that when contact is made, the pin will slide to the left to knock over the 7-pin.

Some times when the 5-pin is cut thin, it passes in front of the 7-pin without touching it, but then rebounds from the kickback or out of the gutter to topple the 7-pin. The 5-7 leave is another real challenge to the bowler's accuracy. Almost invariably the 5-7 conversion rewards anyone with shouts of approval from teammates and spectators.

And well it should, for skill, not luck, usually is the dominant factor in a successful completion. THE SHARP HOOK A ball breaking in very sharply to the headpin and carrying away the 5-pin causes such leaves as the 4-7-9, 4-9, and 4-7-9-10. Play from the right side of the approach, and angle the ball across the lane to clip the 4-pin thinly on the left side.

The ball will take out the 7-pin, and the 4-pin will slide to the right and carry away the 9-pin or 10-pin or both. This is easier said than done, but practice on this shot brings steadily increasing success. Take plenty of time and care in placing the ball on the lane. A bowler may be lucky on this shot by striking the 4-pin on the right side in such a manner that it rebounds from the kickback to carry off both the 7-pin and the 9-pin. It goes without saying that this shot should never intentionally be played that way.

THE NOSE HIT A nose hit on the headpin often leaves the 6-7, 6-7-10, 4-10, or 4-7-10 railroad. These are tough leaves, but not impossible, especially when played in the correct manner. To get the best angle for the 6-7, move to the left-hand side of the approach. Walking toward the 10-pin position, aim directly at it.

If the aim is true, the ball should hit the 6-pin thinly on the right side, sliding it across the alley to the 7-pin. Try to cut the 6-pin as thin as possible, for it has a long way to slide laterally: The shot may be accomplished by cutting the 6-pin so thin that it passes in front of the 7-pin, but makes contact with the latter coming out of the gutter or off the kickback. On the other hand, unless the bowler cuts the 6-pin very fine, he has no chance to take advantage of either the gutter or the kickback. Note in the graph how far you should go to the left of the approach, and where the left foot should be placed at the foul line. If you follow this line of direction, you can't go far wrong.

THE 7-9 AND 8-10 LEAVES The good bowler will not attempt to convert into spares such leaves as the 7-9 and 8-10, except when absolutely necessary. It can be done, of course, but in the attempt, the bowler may miss both pins, an error which often means the loss of the game. So concentrate on making the easier pin, which in the case of the 7-9 is, for the right-handed bowler, the 7-pin. The 7-pin is easier because it permits the bowler to take full advantage of the width of the lane, and he may begin closer to his normal starting position.

Therefore, take your starting stance on the right side of the approach and walk directly toward the 7-pin, releasing the ball so that your arm, in following through, comes up in front of your eyes exactly in line with the pin in question. All too often, the bowler, irritated by his ill luck in being confronted with such a setup, fires his second ball with careless abandon, and, as a result, misses both pins. Championships have been won and lost by just such acts. I'd like to conclude this chapter on spares with the thought that the road to bowling success is paved with concentration and perspiration.

You have to practice, practice, and practice some more, until you make the shots mechanically. Only then will you be able to enjoy victory. One silly act can cost you the game and it can also make you a winner. Your accuracy will come to play important part in getting you points.

And you need to find out which way can it give you an advantage. Remember that the road to bowling success is paved with concentration and perspiration.

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