Tips for a Great Mexican Fiestaa

If your kids are crazy about costumes and love wearing different dresses then you can give them a big surprise which will definitely work out. Invite their friends groups for Mexican Fiestaa Party for the great costumes day. The following article is to give you excellent ideas on how to arrange the best costume party for your kids. Everyone loves a costume party so why not invite your friends for a Mexican Fiesta with mexican costumes for your Holiday party. The costumes need not cost a great deal a wide-brimmed straw hat will do for a sombrero, a bright shawl over one shoulder will serve for a serape for the boys.

The girls can wear white blouses with full, bright-colored, ankle-length skirts. On week days the Mexican girls wear rebozos and on Sunday mantillas. The rebozo is a bright-colored scarf worn over the head, and the mantilla is a lace scarf. "Living Pictures" is a good opener. In this game each guest acts out some Mexican occupation.

For instance: One child carries a jar on her head to show how Mexicans carry water; another dances on the brim of a big sombrero to picture their dances; another weaves a bit of rope to represent the making of twine. Playing a guitar, pottery making, etc., all could be acted out.

As each one does his stunt the others guess what he represents. "Sardines," an indoor hide-and-seek game, is fun. One Mexican is "IT" and hides in a roomy place. Then all start quietly hunting for him. As soon as one finds "IT" he hides with him. This goes on until all the children are packed like sardines in one place.

It is hard for the hidden ones to keep from laughing as the others hunt. This lively game can be followed by "Pottery." The children sit on the floor and with a bit of clay (obtainable at the dime store) model a vase or bowl or any article they want to make. A newspaper may be spread in front of each one to catch falling bits of clay. This is loads of fun and a prize can be given, if desired, for the best modeled article. A novel way to give your party favors is to follow the Mexican Christmas plan of distributing gifts.

Instead of a Christmas tree presents for Mexican children are often put into a clay jar. Christmas eve the children are blindfolded and with a stick they try to break the jar. When the jar is broken the presents fall on the floor and there is a scramble for the gifts.

The one who breaks the jar receives a special gift. So why not for your party put your party favors into an inexpensive clay jar and set it on a small table. Let each child in turn be blindfolded and try to break the jar.

To him who succeeds in breaking the jar give a special favor. Novel and easy-to-make refreshments are "Tortillas." They are Mexican corn pancakes. Plain pancakes called Tortillas would do as well. If cake is preferred, one in which a tiny china doll is baked is in keeping with Mexican custom. In Mexico the child getting the doll is supposed to give the next party.

A Christmas candle on the cake for each child present, adds to its attractiveness. Mexican part is a great way to explore Mexican culture and history. Children can explore this culture and history by wearing Mexican costumes, having Mexican food etc.

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