The Misunderstandings of Movie Downloading

If you think downloading movies is illegal and difficult and only for teenagers, think again. While there are still lots of illegal downloading out there, there are many services which permit you to download movies either for free or for a small fee, with the permission of the major movie companies. With fans around the world interested in movies, the big bosses at the movie studios came to realized that download movies is the future, and began to create their own movie services with all the licenses to remain legal. Some users may find downloading movies a little complicated at first; but after a few online movies, users find it very simple to use. Keep in mind though; you definitely need a high-speed connection.

Due to the file size, downloading movies on dial-up can be a pain. Movies in DVD quality can be as large as 1 Gigabyte or 1,024 Megabytes, so make sure to order a DSL or cable modem. Movie Subscription sites Keep your eyes out for the right movie sites. Some online movie services give unlimited access to their movie library for monthly subscription.

Always check their collection before you sign up! Movie collections range from dozens to millions. The legit services usually allow you to try them before you pay. Movie subscription sites also offer numerous extras with downloaded movies, such as interview and commentary, extra footage and other bonuses that you would not get from purchasing a DVD off the shelf, or renting at your local movie rental store. There are numerous of movie download sites out there, so make sure to take the time to find just the right service for you.

Prices range from a one-time fee of $14.00 to $4.00 per movie download.

Yet look on the bright side, movie selections are ever increasing on weekly basis. This will ensure you have enough movies to watch on your free time. I am very impressed by the quality technical support from many of the movie sites online.

This is very important for new comers in the arena. If you are new to downloading, you may want to join a site with phone support, not just email support. Nearly all services will give you movie download software for you to search, download & view you favorite movies. Below are frequently asked questions for downloading movies: 1) Isnt downloading stealing? NO. The movie studios have agreed to allow downloads, so once you download a copy of the movie, it belongs to you. 2) Are movie downloads just like DVDs in quality? Most movies are of high quality, but some sites provide movies various formats that may range in quality.

3) Is file sharing legal? Yes, but downloading copyright movies is illegal. So, you may want to only join sites that charge a monthly fee to stay in the safe side. 4) Can I transfer movies to my iPod? Yes, some sites do provide video iPod converter software.

At, we are proud to have Isaiah Henry as a writer and reviewer of free movie downloads sites. He has written on superpass.

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